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Furukawa's ikemen-ness


Furukawa, please marry me ;A;





Photos of plain clothes in Fukuoka #FuruhataNao


Because Souda-chan finished her handshake meeting
She brought playing cards
to play.

Riho-san, Mikotti, Yumana-san,
Souda-chan, Saki-chan and I
played Daifugo, but…

Because I didn’t know how to play,
I got Airi-san to help.

Airi-san is ikemen…

Moreover, her handshake lane was next to mine
So she even drew my portrait.


I was drawn adorably, so happy
I boasted it to every fan♪


19:43 September 21 - Egochan [G+ post] 


Good evening ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ


The handshake event at Fukuoka has ended!!!

I was so happy seeing many new faces 


To everyone who came down, thank you very much!


I want to go to Fukuoka again another time 


The picture is of my outfit today 

It matches Yukko-san’s~ 


How do I look???


I’m not going to sleep just yet but have a good night (*^^*) *laugh*

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