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Normally I don’t post about members crying because I think their suffering it’s not something we should post about (and it’s not something management should gain money with). But this is important.

Natsu is worrying about her future in HKT.
At the beginning she was HKT’s double center with Haruppi, now she is in the back line of senbatsu. Despite she ranked in the Sousenkyou, there is a big distance between her, Haruppi, Sakura, Meru, Mio and the one she considers her rival, Madoka.

Why this post? Because I’m selfish and I want more people to support her because she deserves it.
Unfortunately, if you aren’t one of management’s favourites, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, your efforts won’t be rewarded. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you.

I can just say you to don’t listen to Sashihara’s dumb suggestion.
A “mad dog” chara is a very stupid answer to a very serious worry. You’ll just lose fans, the fans who like the real Natsu and that supported you until now, and it’s not a thing that can bring you in the front line of senbatsu.

Just don’t give up and do your best in the stages. HKT’s fans know to be united like SKE’s ones, look at Sousenkyo’s results. They brought Rikopi and Pii-chan in it even if management never gave a damn about them. And in the preliminary results Naopon and Nao ranked too. So you just have to show your motivation and hard work in the stages and the fans will notice it and will support you.


Itou Raira G+ 2014/09/29


I have also a smell fetish…

すごく敏感なんです( ̄▽ ̄)♡
I’m also really sensitive
to member’s smells ( ̄▽ ̄)♡

Among members,
probably the ones I like the most
are Madokatin’s and Pii-chan’s scent 


22:53 September 30 - Nao [G+ post] 

Good evening.


Today had been a day filled with
fun and wonderful photo shoots.

I’ll be glad of you’ll watch
Kayoubi no Arubaito Gekijou!


Ending it with a smile with Anna-san


A picture of Anna-san and I.
My face is now springy 
because of the (face mask) I got
from Anna-san today~



I want to touch your cheeks~

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